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What makes this picture exciting? What we see or what is invisible?

And what about the area in between? Visible only because you know it's there, but too dim to see it, to really be there.

It could symbolize the privilege of being able to look into the deepest corners of someone's mind. To those places, which normally remain covered, sometimes even taboo, but always very personal.

If all goes well, we will always be developing and there will always be something to discover. For example, knowing something about someone's sexual fantasies says nothing about how emotions such as love are handled. Vulnerability will largely determine how much is shared. Fear of judgment naturally has an inhibiting effect and proximity can then be oppressive. It is not for nothing that people talk more easily to a stranger or a therapist. Anonymity is safe. Yet the need to be known is often great. It's nice to know that you are loved for who you really are, not for what you pretend to be. Often a friendship grows as more is shared. Knowing your safety is enough. Knowing that afterwards everything can be neatly covered again, neatly hidden from view, but still present. Knowing the deepest corners of someone's mind seems to be the pinnacle of friendship. However, that does not always say anything about its solidity. The need to be known and accepted may be greater than the ability to understand the other. And that you are loved does not mean that you can automatically love or feel love. Sharing can therefore strengthen a bond, but it can also make it very fragile when people no longer understand each other. Vulnerability everywhere. The deep corners are covered again, the most sensitive first. Back to the safety of the invisible. After all, what you don't see isn't there. What may have been somewhat transparent at first is made opaque. What was once exciting and liberating has suddenly become threatening. One no longer feels known, but rather misunderstood and the privilege is gone.

Yet friendship leaves traces of love. Indelible traces. Traces that also need to be covered and tucked away in the deepest corners. Not visible to others, but to the connoisseur, who knows what is hidden behind it, it remains as visible as through clear glass.

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