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How wonderful it is to spend a balmy summer day by the water. Enjoy the warmth of the sun on your bare skin and the silence around you all day long. The only sound that gets through to you now and then is that of the rippling water or the occasional splash of a water bird. Hours and hours can be spent daydreaming or dozing off. The feeling of being alone in the world, without feeling lonely, but filled by all the life around you. On such a day you can completely unwind and find total relaxation. Strangely enough, the need to share that feeling with someone else often arises. Not to have someone to talk to all the time, but to enjoy the languid warmth together and the feeling of being alone in the world. A feeling that is reinforced when there is really no one to be seen in the wide area and you can occasionally put out your hand to caress the other. To caress lovingly, or to caress sensually. Enjoy those little moments uninhibited, knowing that the day will last for a long time and that nothing or anyone will be able to disturb it. The intense light of the sun behind your closed eyelids, the cooling of the fresh water around your legs, everything contributes to a day that you fully recharge. And whether you are alone or in pairs, such days should last forever. There will also be plenty of people who recharge when they can step into a busy city, but these days certainly deserve a place of honor.

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