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Some mornings everything seems to be gloomy and gloomy. A gray mist makes everything colorless and cold. Sometimes that fits your mood perfectly and drags you down even further. You sit listlessly staring into space and feeling sorry for yourself, with hopeless problems, or sad emotions. Everything seems to close around you like a net, caught in your own web. Perhaps a safety net, woven by others, in which you have become a prey, but ultimately your own web. Oh yes, it is expertly woven. There seem to be more ways out than pitfalls and yet avoidance is sometimes almost impossible. Especially when it is built by a false, actually inferior little creature. Such an undersized case that can only impress with its venom and display of power. If you wouldn't overlook him because of his size, you wouldn't see him because he's always sneaky hiding behind something. The bigger his web, the more respect he thinks he deserves. Relentlessly, one after the other falls prey to his hunger, though it serves no purpose other than his ego. At the first vibration of his carefully spun silver threads, he is already in the starting blocks, ready for his glorious victory. Yet there is a choice. You don't have to get stuck on his sticky, dirty threads and get caught up in his strategy. It is possible to crack his ego and move on. Not undamaged, but strong enough to rise far above it. To leave with regained strength and a clearer conscience, into the wide world and into the misty morning. There where the really beautiful webs can be found. Countless equally skilfully spun works of art. Often completely invisible and strategically well-arranged. What a revelation when it has dew in the morning. It's actually just unthinkable that you can overlook all this during the day. One even more beautiful than the other, only visible through the dewdrops that have formed on each fragile thread. A piece of craftsmanship, made without any intelligence, to become silent and to admire in silence. So delicate and at the same time so very strong. That only commands respect. Being great through power is not the same as being great. One web is therefore clearly not the other. You have to come from a good background if you even want to stand in the shadow of a spider.

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