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Art by Ingrid de Jong

Yin en Yang

Yin en Yang


Acryl op doek, 2x 50x70 cm

A diptych has something special. They belong together as yin and yang, as positive and negative. Each has its own strength, but together it gets just one dimension more. As if they balance each other. Where would one be without the other? After all, without ebb there is no flood and without attraction there is no repulsion. It is precisely the big differences that make it fascinating, where the energy starts to flow and where wonder begins.

Would the woman have been more beautiful if she had been depicted with larger breasts? Had the man come across as a little more powerful with a six-pack? Would it make a difference if the size of the penis were closer to Rodin's images? Does that influence the experience or the final opinion of the viewer?

Considerations and assessments that might apply when you take the diptych apart and let each make an impression for itself. A bit similar to putting an incident out of context, so that only 1 side of the story is highlighted. Attention will shift more to the specific erogenous zones, more focused on eroticism. This is clearly more socially accepted for some canvases than for others. Just hang a female nude in a room; few will be surprised by that. Do the same with a male nude and at least a few eyebrows will be raised. Put them together and a natural harmony is created. A natural togetherness that gives you the space to look at the beauty of the body as a whole without it raising questions. Suddenly there is room for the total overview, for looking with different eyes. And despite, or perhaps because of, the peace that this brings, a tension arises within which there is movement and the energy is bubbling. Together, so much more happens. Take them apart and the chemistry that was there just before is gone.

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