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Art by Ingrid de Jong


Acryl op doek, 70x90 cm

Friendship is great, like in a dream.

It grows towards the light and keeps you propped up,

like only a mature tree

always sheltered from wind and weather.

Without wanting to curtail the other,

wants to reach its full maturity.

Friendship cannot be fooled,

he is there to enrich each other.

Friendship is... wanting to be there for the other,

when it really needs your warmth.

Even though you've just broken up,

you do it with love and giving.

Friendship is also to be known,

to the depths of your soul.

People are happy with you the way you are,

angry, sweet, strong or fragile.

To love and deeply love each other

is not for everyone.

But about friendship is to begin with

then not a single word was said.

It gets pretty complicated

when there should only be room for eroticism.

Your essential existence is thereby ignored

and love becomes a source of pain.

When friendship of one may not grow,

because the other has already been touched by Cupid,

nothing else gets a chance to bloom

and the friendship is also ended.

Not because people no longer enjoy each other.

People are generally more afraid

not being able to deal with this kind of grief

and the interests of both are compromised.

There is no such thing as a feeling of happiness

or an overdose of heat that harms.

Consciously omitting that does a lot of damage.

As if friendship benefits from that.

When happiness turns to suffering,

when you are no longer allowed to receive any heat,

then the roads had better part,

than to keep longing for it in vain.

Let it go, let it go is the motto.

Find a sea to shed your tears.

Don't look back and take your loss.

It will shorten your suffering.

Is the water already up to your lips

then try handfuls of dust from a desert

slip through your fingers

and let the wind be your savior.

Keep looking up, for there is the light,

of the sky, the sun, the stars and the moon.

Perhaps the canopy will give way under its weight...

it has also weathered many storms.

But whether you choose a sea or desert sand

for the discharge of all your personal sorrows.

Friendship is the strongest bond,

that you will not forget for a lifetime.

Ingrid Young

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