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Art by Ingrid de Jong

Verstoorde Idylle

Pastelkrijt, 40x50 cm

Sometimes life is like a fairytale. Everything seems to fall into place for a moment. A beautiful day lies ahead of me with plenty of sun and time to enjoy the little things. First wake up quietly, without having to rush. A fresh cup of tea, which I can drink right out of bed on the terrace because there is no other house for miles around than this one. No one to see me, no city traffic with screaming sirens, just the deafening silence of the environment around me. It is a beautiful terrace, laid out around the house, which is already warm from the early sun. The Hibiscus has already opened its flowers at the first light of dawn and beneath it lies another sea of pastel shades in homage to previous glorious days. It is an idyllic picture that I try to store deep in my memory. The sun in the sky promises a lazy day and it's time to think about what we want to do with it. The plan is to enjoy nature outdoors. Do we go to the beach for a few hours or do we opt for the forest? Shall we walk or cycle? The choice is difficult because there are different wishes and multiple options. He would like to go to the sea and I think he can enjoy nature more in the woods. Luxury problems for luxury days. At our leisure we chat a bit about what I think we might encounter in the woods and eat our breakfast with freshly baked rolls. Suddenly my hand gets stuck halfway and I forget to close my mouth. There, at the end of the terrace, where all those beautiful withered flowers lie, the idyll is suddenly rudely disturbed. Such a nasty, cold-blooded beast makes its way through it and looks for the warmest spot on the ground. He wants to prepare for hunting and needs 'solar energy' for that. He looks terrifying and instinctively gives me goosebumps on my arms. I stare at it and am utterly stunned at so much beauty in such stark contrast. There is no question of an idyll that has been rudely disturbed. It is a privilege to see something so beautiful. The discussion, if we had it at all, is immediately settled. I don't have to go anywhere to enjoy nature. I am surrounded by it all day long.

The choice has been made.

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