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Art by Ingrid de Jong


Pastelkrijt, ca. 30x40 cm

Don't be tempted

by what is beautiful in life.

Rather, it wants to avoid you

then give you a little joy.

You can't supply a rose

that you only want to experience its softness.

Or touch his velvet leaf

to keep a good feeling about it.

He does not see you as a flesh and blood human being,

who can saturate himself with even a small amount of food.

Any physical contact will be fined,

with thorns made to damage.

Even if it has been blooming in your garden for years,

winning his affection is too much to ask.

He doesn't really care what you need,

rather, he will be challenged by it.

You can look at it at an appropriate distance.

In fact, he doesn't even notice you.

You may enrich yourself by what you see,

but you shouldn't want to go much further.

So watch out for the mixed signals,

the 'enjoy me' and 'experience it fully'.

He does not want to welcome you with warmth,

at most you can smell it... for a while.

Ingrid Young

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