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Art by Ingrid de Jong


Acryl op paneel, 24x30 cm

Peek a boo! That scared you for a while, didn't you? I really can't help it. I really enjoy scaring people. Looks like I'm having the most fun myself, grunt, grunt. Are you okay? It's just me, Piglet. Hey, what am I seeing? A trembling lower lip? Yep, that's not necessary at all. You don't have to be afraid of me. I'm really not hurting you at all. Tell me who you brought. Is that your mother standing there with the chickens? How nice of you to come take a look. Nice mother too, oink, oink. Shall I tell you something about me? Well, I'm a pig, I'm hairy and always dirty. And I eat absolutely everything, especially small children. No dude, oink, oink, joke! I'm just teasing you. Oh good, I see you're smiling again. Don't you ever do that: play mischief? You should really do that. You'll see how funny that is. Sometimes I lie with my stomach in the air rolling with laughter. Yes, of course I do that in the mud. Can you do too. Your mother will like that, oink, oink. Hey, you know what's fun? Scare your mother. Shall we try to come up with something? Do you think you dare or will she get very angry with you? I do want to help you. I'm not afraid of anyone and I've done so many naughty things. Let's see… what could you do… For example, you could climb over this fence and ride a horse on my back. Don't you dare? That's not difficult, I have a wide back, so you don't fall off that easily. Oh, you're afraid of me…. Well, you know what! You will have to ask your mother later if you can check on the calves. It's right here, around the corner. Very cute, little calves that were born not so long ago. Your mom will probably like that too. The moment she is petting it very sweetly, you secretly walk to the stable next to it and open the door. That box is empty, of course, but your mother doesn't know that. Then you suddenly shout loudly that daddy bull is coming and you run away as fast as you can. You can, can't you? Boy, I'm having fun already. Wait a little longer and then I will be rewarded, oink, oink.

Yep, there you have the puppets dancing. Hear them scream! Watch her run! Good job kid!!! Will you come back again?

Laughing with you, oink, oink.

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