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Art by Ingrid de Jong


Acryl op doek, 90x90 cm

Man is but a strange creature:

first destroys, then wants to build up.

He protects himself with an outer wall,

behind which nature can again rely on itself.

First back to a 'normal' situation,

a slow recovery of the disturbed balance.

Small scale causes the necessary deformation

and seldom provides a view.

Conservation: a picture, a written word.

Enclosed with gates and marked walkways.

No longer the experience of a beautiful place,

where the senses could recharge for a while.

Construction is wanting closeness, seeking closeness and also allowing;

it is at odds with keeping a distance.

Just like that the essence of existence

is something that can only be experienced.

What good are senses like seeing and hearing,

taste, feel or smell.

Every experience is completely lost,

when you need to use them remotely.

Nature is as fragile as a rare friendship.

It must be experienced and cherished, with all the senses.

Only then can you work on preservation and kinship,

to which this Hooglander also seems to bow his head.

I heard him chewing, felt his peace and let him go.

With his horns he has not indicated any distance,

where my existence had really not escaped his notice.

I was able to experience him intensely, in my own way.

Ingrid Young

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