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Art by Ingrid de Jong

Engelen bestaan niet

Acryl op board, 40x50 cm

You thought you were unobserved, your own love game

A young body, pristine and pure

You make love, ignorant of how I do it

A young body, full of youthful fire

Angels do not exist, they have never been seen

I see her appearance, but she does not see me

Angels don't exist, but I always see you

I watch her play, and enjoy silently

Minus your white edges, moments long

Still no idea that something stirs in me

Feeling your height, flowing without urge

Denied for me, but fed in ecstasy

Angels do not exist, it is said

Only I know she's there

Seduction is not supposed to be, that's how it is taught

Only I know, my angel will


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